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Welcome to a World of Intrigue

Here there is no black and white. There are only shadows and secrets, and no one is quite who they seem to be. For the enemy today may be the ally tomorrow and truth is an elusive commodity. One man's honor can be another's shame and the outcomes are never sure. The greatest thing the players have in common is their fear and the decisions this fear demands.

Yet there are those whose sense of honor will only allow them to go so far. They know that the only difference between them and their enemies is integrity. Sam McKee is such a man. So are his closest friends, Alexis Redbone and Willie Dill. While there are those who consider this sense of honor a weakness, those who try to exploit it soon find themselves on the run.

Angels Fight Dirty
A Clan McKee Intrigue

Foxfire. The name of the black operation is enough to set off a series of killings thirty years later. No one is safe, not even those who were not involved. Someone is making sure nothing gets out about the operation, even if it means gunning down innocent women and children. The question is who is behind the killings and why it is so important now.

Sam McKee is not aware of any of this. When he drops in to visit his old platoon sergeant from Vietnam, McKee learns that his friend is dead. The circumstances are very suspicious and when Sam discovers his friend was involved with Operation Foxfire in Vietnam, he knows trouble is as close at hand. Yet McKee has no idea who is behind the threat or why Foxfire is so important so long after the war. When he tries to find out, his own family comes under fire, and Cowboy, as Sam was known, finds himself fighting a war he thought was done. By Joel B. Reed

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The Red Lion (Black Seraph)
A Clan McKee Intrigue

Willie Dill is a living legend in Special Forces. He learned his trade in the killing fields of Vietnam and there is not much about dirty tricks or black operations he doesn't know. Now Dill is sick of military life and when a young hellcat from Wyoming takes him down on his own training ground, Dill decides it's time to step down. Then Sam McKee, an old friend from Vietnam, asks his help going after a Asian drug cartel and Dill allows himself to be persuaded. Yet the cartel has friends in high places in the federal government, and in a strange twist of fate, Willie Dill finds himself being recruited by the very people his friend is after. (Former title, Black Seraph.) By Joel B. Reed

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Children of Dust
A Clan McKee Intrigue

Have spear, will travel. Welcome to Wind River Training Camp where secret agents are taught to be warriors. Set up as an experiment, this is no normal facility. There are neither grades nor set courses. Yet each man and woman who attends is challenged to find their limits, and to go beyond. For at Wind River, all find themselves face to face with their own deepest fears and their worst demons.

Unknown to Sam McKee, a deadly cartel called the Cadre has learned about the camp. An attack is being mounted to destroy McKee and his key people. Yet when news of this comes through a double agent, Agency resources are stretched to the limit. McKee finds himself scrambling from Washington to Wyoming trying to avert the worst disaster the Agency has ever faced, and the death of his closest friends. By Joel B. Reed

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A Devil on DOS
A Clan McKee Intrigue

Sam McKee does not trust computers. He has seen technology fail too often when lives are on the line. When it comes to cybernetics, he believes that what can go wrong will go wrong. Training and experience are what gets the job done and McMcKee trusts his people and his gut. Yet Sam cannot argue with the impressive results technology delivers. To protect their work, he insists that Agency staff keep hard copies of their files. This causes grumbling among the rank and file, especially from McKee's brother, Jack, who splits his time between running the family ranch and herding the Agency's electronics.

Then Michael Angelino, the Agency's cyber expert, discovers something disturbing. A small change in technology has made cyber viruses a major threat . What Angelino realizes very quickly is how a criminal organization might exploit these new viruses for profit. Even more disturbing are signs that the Cadre, a criminal cartel which the Agency broke up, may be alive and well and doing exactly this. By Joel B. Reed

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Even Angels Cry
A Clan McKee Intrigue

Things are too quiet and Sam McKee is suspicious. The bad guys have dropped out of sight and that's when the Cadre most deadly. What Sam McKee doesn't know is that this time they're after him, and they're out for blood. When Sam heads for the Wyoming high country for R&R, a contract killer is right behind. Nor can anyone warn him. No one knows exactly where he is and cell phones don't work there, anyway.

Then 9-11 happens and it's a whole new ball game. When Sam comes out of the mountains, he's stuck in Wyoming. Homeland Security is out to take over the Agency and it looks like his family is falling apart. Just when things look the worst, McKee finds a mole deep in the heart of the Agency. Even so, McKee is a resourceful man. He has trained his team well and he has earned their trust. The question now is whether he can trust them to win on their own while he fights for the life of the Agency. By Joel B. Reed

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